Monday, June 18, 2012


How did I let this slip through the cracks?!??!  Debi from was kind enough to award me with the Sunshine Award!  Thanks Debi!!  I know it’s taken me like a week to say something, but it did put a smile on my face when I received your message J

I’m terrible about nominating and passing these along, but I did want to share with you all the answers to the 10 questions that I have been reading about everyone else!

1.  Favorite animal:  cats - even though I'm DEATHLY allergic to them.  I'm basically a sucker for anything fluffy with a sweet face.  I also love dolphins and believe I may be part Flamingo (the other half would be kitten if you were wondering LOL)
2.  Favorite number:  13 & 18
3.  Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  coffee, diet coke, sweet tea (are you starting to notice that I'm not very good as just pick one of much of anything???)
4.  Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook (
5.  My passion:  Jonathan, crafting, tap dance, theatre, my family, WNY
6.  Getting or giving:  To be totally honest - I like both
7.  Favorite pattern:  I think this changes based upon whatever project I'm currently working and/or obsessing over!  Some of my all time favorites include:
Pot Holders
Ripple (I use and sometimes modify a chevron pattern from THIS book)
My newest obsession, as I mentioned last week, is the woven blanket pattern (side note - hit a small roadblock this morning regarding my previous plans for the dishcloths...I haven't given up, just need to wrap my OCD head around what my finished product will look like.  Don't worry I'll fill you all in once they're done!)
8.  Favorite day of the week:  Saturday - the weekend is just starting!
9.  Favorite flower:  roses
10.  Favorite country:  I'm a pretty big fan of living in the USA.  I'd also love to revisit England and France once day, and really hope to someday be able to visit Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain and more!

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