Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I hate it when I'm a day late forgetful with posting something!

From yesterday, my TWO ON TUESDAY

Things I love this time of year:

1.  Having snow on my birthday!  Not only was there a covering on the ground up in WNY and we had some flurries in the air here in Maryland as well - I LOVE BIRTHDAY SNOW!
Here's the picture my Dad sent me via text message the morning of my birthday.
This is looking from the garage at their front yard

2.  Having SNOW for Christmas!!  They're a week apart so you'd think it's a given, but given the mild "winter" we've all had this year, it's a big wish for 2011.....and one I think just might come true :o)

As far as my WIP - I forgot to email myself the pictures I need last night....tonight's my last night in town to prepare to go home for Christmas so not only am I BEYOND stressed and a little bit frazzled trying to get everything done and packed, but I guess getting ready to go home for Christmas can count (for now) as my WIP!

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