Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 Weekends til Christmas

already?!?!  that's all I've got left to get ready for Christmas - I just can't believe it!  I remember back in October when I was working so hard to stay ahead of things this year and now I feel like I'm still waiting for Thanksgiving to roll around!  I've talked with my mom about this and we agree that this largely has to do with how unseasonably warm it's been this fall/early winter!  They are FINALLY getting snow up in WNY but down here it's just barely brisk enough for me to feel truly in the Christmas spirit!  I'm just one of those girls who needs snow to have it feel like Christmas!

Pretty every day from now until the 21st I have a list of what I've got to accomplish to be ready.  Everything must be packed by the night of the 21st as we leave on the 22nd after work for home.

Lots to do today - starting out with my coffee and getting some detailed work done on some crochet projects that will be much easier when it's daylight.  Then I've got to finish picking up and rearranging furniture from the tree's arrival last Sunday before spending as many hours as possible sewing at my dining room table.  Tonight it's all about making and decorating Christmas cookies with the girls next door!  I'll also be making my shopping list tonight to stock up on the supplies I'll need to start my cookie making next week.

Happy Saturday everyone - hope that you find yours as productive as I'm planning/hoping mine to be!!

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  1. You sound like you're going to be very busy. I need to get busy too - lot's still to do. :)