Thursday, December 29, 2011

One year later (almost)

Anyone remember reading THIS last January?  I was so excited to start knitting in 2011....then wedding planning kicked into HIGH gear, which was very quickly followed by year end at work, and getting ready for Christmas 2011!

I received not one, but TWO knit sweaters this Christmas season!!
One was given to me by my Grannie, made originally by my Mom in the late 70s.  The "made by" tag has my mom's maiden name in it and my father insists that he never remembers by mom knitting, which is why we've decided it was made in the late 70s at least.  It's red cables and just gorgeous.  I wore it to work yesterday, and received many compliments!
The second one was a Christmas gift from my Mother-in-Law.  As you can see below my Sister-in-Law and I both received them as gifts this year :-)
Hers in a taupe brown and mine is sort of raspberry pink (my favorite!)

Now, I'm back to where I was a year ago thinking how I used to knit.  I learned to knit YEARS before I could figure out crocheting!  I never advanced past basic garter stitch scarves and attempts knit two purl two scarves (which are at most half way finished and still sitting on needles in my "to do" bags, drawers and baskets!)

I'm making a small online purchase of some patterns to get me going again and am adding "learn to knit cables" to my New Year's Resolutions!

Jonathan and I have also made the last minute decision to go back to WNY for New Years weekend!  I get out of work at 2 tomorrow (Friday) and we both have Monday off from work.  We didn't really have plans for New Years this weekend so it was like "why not!?!"  
My mom also has the weekend off from work so I'm looking forward to having a crafty weekend with her!  This which are on my crafty to-do list for the weekend include:
  1. Sewing infinity scarves.  Found great patterns HERE and HERE to made these.  I think they're going to be great for gifts in 2012!  Just need to make a trip to JoAnn's with Mom first thing Saturday morning (I've already checked, they open at 9 a.m.) :-)
  2. I'm crocheting a blanket made of Granny squares to look like gingham which I only have about 4 squares for so far....I've got a long way to go, but it's a fun project to pick up when I have a minute or two and it travels nicely both for crocheting in the Jeep and going to Grannie's for breakfast, etc.
  3. Jonathan received a crocheted scarf for Christmas which he's asked to be a bit longer.  I knew this was a possibility when I was finishing it up on Christmas morning, but figured I'd rather add to it (it's just a simple hdc stitch) than frog my work because he wanted it shorter!  This will likely be my road trip project for tomorrow afternoon if I get the chance to sit in the passenger seat while it's still daylight!
  4. I have a Christmas 2012 decoration that's already on my to-do list.  I'm creating it off of something my Grannie has in her house so I'm going to keep it a surprise until I have a finished project to show and a pattern written up!  I also need to stop at Walmart after JoAnns on Saturday morning to pick up a couple of skeins of "Christmas Green" Red Heart!
What does everyone have planned for New Year's Eve?  I hope it involves crocheting ;-)

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  1. Very pretty sweaters - they look nice on both you and your sister-in-law.

    Have a great trip. :)