Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My favorite things

The other day, I read a blog post where an old friend was talking about her favorite beauty products, keeping them organized etc. and it got me thinking.  Anyone who knows me, or has spent anytime in my bathroom, knows that I'm a bit (read: BIGTIME!) product junky!  You could call it a bit of an unnecessary addiction but I believe that my skin/hair/body become bored with the same stuff day in and day out so I like to switch it up!  At least that's the excuse I tell myself when I'm feeling stress over money spent on product and what I tell my husband to justify the purchase ;-)

Last night I had a package in the mail from Sephora (just about my all time favorite store since I went to one in Paris a decade ago....) and as I was getting out of my car thinking that the package should have arrived I thought to myself, "new toys!"  Yup, I've thought of make up and product to be toys forever so today I give you a list of my "favorite things":

Moisturizer:  Hope In a Jar by Philosophy is AMAZING.  I only just started using this about a year ago.  I was having a horrible case of winter skin and NOTHING was helping me get rid of nasty flaky skin on my face once my make up was applied.  The company I work for used to own part of Philosophy so we got a discount and many of the women I work with had been swearing by it.  Of course, by the time I jumped on the band wagon we no longer had the discount but I gotta say it's TOTALLY worth the price!!!  I'm on my 2nd jar in a years time (though I did use the tinted version - Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer over the summer so I'd probably be on my 3rd jar by now....)  If you're skin is really dry I say use it twice a day but on normal skin once a day (at night) is enough for preventative maintenance.  I really do love this stuff!  After using for about 2 months last fall it was the first time that I can ever remember feeling comfortable with little to no foundation on my face - it's a miracle cream!

Eye Creme:  All About Eyes.  I just got this in my box from Sephora last night.  I used to use it all the time and for some reason about 4 years ago I stopped buying it.  I don't even remember why anymore but man it was a really stupid move!  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have been working crazy hours at work this month and I'm exhausted.  Last week was particularly stressful and by Thursday and Friday I would wake up with black circles under my eyes that looked like I'd been sucker punched in both eyes.  Even the best concealer that I own couldn't mask them (and it's the same concealer I've had to use on a black eye Jonathan had years ago).  I knew I wasn't exaggerating in my own mind when I got to work Friday morning and the first thing I co-worker said to me was "oh I think you've got something on your face".  She was pointing to sort of my under-eye by the bridge of my nose.  I get out my mirror just thinking that my eye makeup was smeared but no, it was just my black circles under my eyes not fully concealed.  I  I got right on Sephora's website and looked up my newly beloved All About Eyes, saw that it was for dark circles and puffiness and ordered immediately!  After using last night and this morning I look about 60% better than I have for weeks.  Totally worth spending a bit more than drug store brands (which are mostly for lines, not dark circles in my research)

Makeup:  I've been using BareMinerals for 5+ years.  No foundation is better in my mind.  I have different shades for difference times of the year and have tried at least once just about every product they offer.  I'll leave it to you to go into a store and play around with the samples - on a daily basis I still use their concealer (multi-tasking face in bisque), foundation (in matte), hydrating mineral veil (tinted mineral veil in the summer), to eye shadow to brow enhancer to blush.  I've used the eye liners, mascaras, lip liners, lip gloss and probably more from time to time but they're rarely my staples.  If you're looking for a bolder shade of eye shadow I'm a fan of Urban Decay.  I wear Half Baked daily during the summer months.  Their Eyeshadow Primer Potion is the best I've found to keep my eye shadow where I want it and crease free!  I've even fallen asleep without washing my face (many times actually) and the next morning my eyeshadow is still there!

Other randoms that I don't go a day without using -

  • For shower gel, body lotion and body spalshes and hand soap in my bathroom and kitchen - Bath and Body Works is my favorite!  They have a scent for every season both for your body and home.  Their shower gel works the best for me to shave in the shower and their lotions and creams keep things moisturized year round!  They are constantly having sales and sending coupons in the mail to help you save more $.  Twice a year they do a big semi-annual sale and you'd be AMAZED by what you can stock up on.  They next one comes after Christmas and I'd suggest signing up for their emails cause when they have free shipping on a $25 order you can find great things on their website!
  • I use THIS and THIS in my hair daily.  I have naturally straight, thin hair and being blonde means it can look damaged and scraggly very easy.  The CHI line helps keep my hair looking as healthy as it cane for all that I put it through!
There is a lot more than I use, and switch out from day to day but I don't want to bore those of you who are still reading.  Message or email me if you want to know about anymore of my favorites!

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