Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Feeling a bit homesick today.  I could have had a Three of Tuesday in my earlier post because I love having 4 seasons!

We’re having a bit of an “Indian Summer” down here in DC – it was 73 degrees when I was driving home last night and 65 degrees on my way into work this morning!  I love Summer, but honestly I’m in need of some good crisp/cold weather!  This is why I’ve changed my background and header today.  It’s in honor of the upcoming winter that I know won’t be as cold here as back home and will not likely be as much snow as back home, but I’ll be dreaming of it none the less.  And yes, before everyone starts the outcry in my comments, I know most people hate cold weather and hate the snow and blah blah blah ;-)  It doesn’t even feel like Thanksgiving is next week with weather like this!  Here’s hoping it’s a bit colder up in Michigan!

Please enjoy my new pictures which include everything from our Engagement pictures over Thanksgiving weekend a year ago (in the first freshly fallen snow of the season) to a Christmas Eve fire at Grannie’s to December 2010 snow in Panama, to a tree many winters ago in Busti to my poor Jeep after Blizzard #1 of “Snowmageddon” in Silver Spring.

And, if you’re in a region with cold weather or even some snow, please take a deep breath of that crisp air for me today!

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