Monday, October 24, 2011

Ripple Along

Who doesn't love a good ripple?!?  I've got a soft spot for them for sure!  Maybe it's just that they're sort of "mindless" to work on and depending on the colors and variations you select they almost always look different and are most definitely always beautiful and wonderful!

I read about this Ripple Along on another blog and thought "WHY NOT!"

I also have the perfect, already started project to complete.  Procrastination is something that I'm far too good at.  I spent about every waking second trying to finish this present prior to my wedding back in August, but it totally didn't happen!  I ended up finishing at a good spot, wove in all my ends and wrapped it up, telling the recipient that I needed to take it with me to finish.  She refused to allow me to bring it on my honeymoon and snuck off after the Rehearsal Dinner with it.  Luckily I saw her over Labor Day weekend and I got it back, but of course life and yarny temptations got in my way and I haven't touch it since my pre-married days!

This is my AMAZING Maid of Honor the night before my wedding!  She's also my best friend Kait and the blanket is a thank you gift for being the best MOH on the planet!  Seriously.  This girl is in her 3rd year of med school, travels from hospital to hospital all over the northern East Coast, was studying for and took one of her Boards exams like 2 months before the wedding, traveled home for 2 bridal showers and traveled to DC for my bachelorette party all while helping keep me calm usually from a 200-400 mile distance!  She's amazing :-)

Last year around this time I was working on Jonathan's ripple (yet to post about, I know it's almost been a year) while he was in class on Monday nights.  Since them, I have associated watching Dancing with the Stars on Monday evenings with crocheting, and blankets, and most importantly crocheting a ripple blanket!  I told him again over the weekend how I spent Monday nights crocheting just as fast as I possibly could.  I didn't finish it until January when he was in Belize but he never saw me crochet one stitch on this in person.  It was about half finish when he opened it on Christmas day and it was laying on the bed for him when he returned from Belize.  One of these days I'll post pictures - maybe when I post Kait's finished blanket :-)

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  1. LOVE the color combos on this one! I'm a huge fan of ripple blankets, too. =)