Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I feel like I missed out!

Ever heard of the Knitting Olympics? Well I hadn't until after the opening weekend of the Olympics. I read about it on a family members blog during my lunch break one day! Who knew such things existed, and why didn't I know before!

I can't figure out to insert the links to this post (if someone knows how to do this and is willing to share, I'd love to know!), but if you go to Yarn Harlot's Blog, or Every Day Crochet you will be able to read all about these communities that have been challenging themselves in the craft that they love over the 17 days that we all sat glued to our TVs. If you were anything like me, you probably sat down as soon as you got home from work and watched until 12-12:30 every morning. that's what I did. And I was miserable every morning at 6 a.m. when my alarm went off, and I was usually fairly miserable by 2 p.m. at work each day. But I would get home and do it all over again.
I could have started to work on a project once I heard about this "Crafty Olympics" as I like to call it since I spent more time crocheting that I do knitting, but would certainly find myself challenged to pull out my knitting needles and finish a project in 17 days. The problem is I really didn't get motivated into it. I did work on projects. Like I finished an adorable St. Patty's Day door hanger for Grannie that I designed in my head and worked very hard on last weekend to get it to look right and just mailed it off to her this morning. The problem with that is, a 12"x3" piece of plastic canvas is not challenge to me! I have a pile of Granny squares that one day will be a blanket that I am working on, and I actually started to knit a scarf after learning a new stitch from a friend, but each night the projects sat there staring at me like a puppy who wants attention. I just had no desire to sit up and actually concentrate on them. Weird for me right?

I'm sitting here now, I just finished reading about the finish projects and pride felt by some Knitting Olympians and I find myself angry that I didn't try harder because I now have to wait until London 2012 to partake. Even worse, it'll probably be more likely that I have to wait until Soshi 2014 because I don't spend much time knitting/crocheting in the summer months of DC. No amount of air conditioning alleviates the sweaty hands I get holding onto yarn in August!

The only way I feel slightly better is thinking of Mom's purple blanket that I did finish, but long before the Opening Ceremonies. I finished that early on in Blizzard #1 of February, I believe even before Snow Day #1 (of 4) hit because I no longer wanted to have to keep working on it! That blanket was certainly a challenge. It is to date the biggest project I've ever started AND completed, and while it's not perfect I am very proud that I finished it. It's just beautiful. You're going to have to take my word for now as I still haven't gotten my pictures on a thumb drive to bring with me! Maybe tonight :-)

My only hope now is to get my motivation back and finish the blanket I'm currently working on! I have 3 or 4 more already at the start gate (have the yarn and everything). Unlike how I am with plastic canvas and scarves/hats/pillow though, I've really gotta work one blanket at a time, it's just too much yarn sitting around for just one project.

I'm planning to come home the end of April and I have a few things that I do need to make by then as well as gifts, wow I think I need to make a list and get some things in order so I'm not racing till the last minute! I always do that too. I said at Christmas time that I had decided on some gifts for family for next Christmas and that I was going to have them made and put away for December by Jan 31st.......then I started the famous purple blanket and needless to say, I have many things I need to make still!

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