Thursday, February 14, 2013

Inaugural / Valentine's Crocheting

My Inauguration Day crocheting last month was fueled by my desire to get some Valentine’s Day packages sent out prior to Valentine’s Day.  I had also finally taken down my Christmas tree and decorations late that Sunday night, and decorated for Valentine’s at the same time (yes, I was a bit of as mad-woman that night – I have my moments).  By Monday, I was just in the mood for MORE HEARTS around the apartment!

For those of you who don’t know, in 2009, Jonathan and I had tickets for the Inauguration, and were lucky enough to stand [in the freezing cold] on the Capitol lawn and watch history being made LIVE.  That weekend 4 years ago, Jonathan had also just returned from a 2-week trip to China so between the jet leg, and how bitter COLD it was, there was NO WAY I was getting him to stand outside again in 2013!  Since 2009 I have changed jobs, and I now work right on Pennsylvania Ave – along the parade route.  Coming downtown and watching the parade from my building was an option, but neither of us were 100% sold on the idea of dealing with public transportation (couldn’t park in my building that day)/security/waiting around all day.  So, instead, from the comfort of our warm apartment, we invited our friends over for brunch!

 This is right outside my office building.  President Obama is looking up into what I can only assume is my office suite (we’re on the 2nd & 3rd floor). 

This is what I’d call “the lazy girls way to document history” – a photograph of my television!  I hope you are more impressed with the pictures from 2009 that I linked back to above.

Anyway, the entirety of January 21, 2013 was spent on the couch, in sweats, watching another big day in America’s history.  Sounds to me like the perfect conditions for some serious crocheting ;-)

By the end of the day, as the parade was finally winding down, I had this:

Thanks to Pammy Sue for the inspiration and Lucy for the pattern
I just LOVE these!!

After inspiration had struck weeks prior, I was in AC Moore while the front of the store was overly saturated with the smell of Roses thanks to those $1 pouches of home scent/potpourri stuff.  I picked up a couple pouches with these hearts in mind, and when I stuffed the hearts I just added a little bit of the potpourri throughout the batting.  Each heart has a lovely rose smell now too!  I doubt these will go away with my Valentine’s Day decorations (this year at least) – they’re just too cute

Besides, we all know how I feel about ROSES these days ;-)

*Side Note*  The weather in DC was incredibly spring-like on Tuesday afternoon of this week.  After a lunchtime doctor’s appointment, I decided to walk back to the office (Metro trains run less frequently in the middle of the day, so if I get a good pace going, I can usually walk from the “doctor offices corridor” back to 1001 Penn in the same about of time!)  I made a point to swing by the White House on the last of my walk and snap a couple of pictures. 

I leave you with shots of the White House with the least amount of tourists I’ve ever seen in this location, and what’s left of the Presidential viewing stand that the Obama’s and other lucky guests used to watch the Inauguration Parade.

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