Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh, Springtime

I know that I've been pretty MIA lately, but I promise, I have still been reading about all the crafty things and spring flowers in your world!  Not always everyday (like yesterday when I had to go all the way back to last Thursday in my feed to get "caught up"), but I'm trying to keep up to date!  Between Jonathan's birthday weekend, family in town last weekend and getting ready for more family this week and coming to work each day, there has been very little time for crocheting, let along blogging!  I have been crocheting when I can, but have been trying to actually have something to say here vs. a 'stitch by stitch' recap of the previous night!  This weekend's company is my Momma coming into town Thursday night and staying until Tuesday morning.  I'm also taking Friday / Monday off from work (first "vacation" time used since the wedding & honeymoon - yes back in August) so there are LOTS of crafty plans for us over our 4 days together!

But today?  Today, I'm talking about SPRINGTIME!

"..why?" you may ask?  well because it's here - "officially"! Last week's highs here in DC were in the 80s each day with sunny blue skies.  I believe it was Thursday that reached up to around 85 and even broke some records at our airports.  This has made for a very hot apartment with no air conditioning, so most evenings were spent sitting on the balcony, reading on the balcony, eating dinner on the balcony......basically the balcony was the only place with a breeze!

We seem to all have spring time flowers peaking out and blooming by now. The big story down here is how the Cherry Blossoms will be at peak in the next day or two.  My fingers are crossed that they hold out until this weekend when Mom is here (would also appreciate positive thoughts for a rain-free weekend!).  

The springtime event I'd like to discuss today are the "out of no where" t-storms that pop up when it's so warm (and already humid in this "swamp land")

A severe thunderstorm swept through our area this morning.  Right around 6:30 a.m.  Now I've had friends and co-workers who have said that the first clap of thunder had them sitting straight up in bed, but me?  Well, I was already in the shower when the fun got started.  Of of the "positives" (not) of an apartment building bathroom is having no windows .  This means I missed the skies turn dark, the rain starting, and the lightening leaving me with a crack of thunder that came through the vents in my bathroom.  I have NEVER gotten out of the shower so quickly, and likely still have conditioner in my hair.  Now, please note that I do live on the 10th floor of a 12 story building with plenty of antenna's etc. on the roof so I wasn't 100% concerned that something would happen to me.  My first through was some sort of bombing or attack (we'll blame this on the vulnerability of being wet and naked, and in the shower at 6:30 a.m.)  By the 2nd or 3rd thunderclap I realized it was thunder and by then I just really wanted to SEE what the heck was going on outside to make thunder THIS loud!  I need to pay closer attention tomorrow to exactly how dark it still is around 6:35-6:40 but by the time I got out of the shower it was pitch dark, and pouring with constant flashes of lightening and extra loud thunder (pretty sure it only seemed extra loud....it was early)  At first I was amazed Jonathan had slept through it, but I asked him if he'd heard it when he finally got out of bed and his response was "I'm surprised you didn't get back into bed"  Yea, I'm a pretty big scaredy cat ;-)

That's my story of the other side of springtime - I hope that if nothing else I put a smile on your face this afternoon :-)

Oh!  I was going to show a full progress picture of a current project, but opted for a sneak peak instead.  I'm fairly certain that this is going to so gosh darn cute that I'm keeping the "whole picture" (get it? LOL) for when it's finished!

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