Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yesterday was my first day back in the office, as Mrs. Weston!  Still sounds pretty funny to me to hear that (I still joke with the Mr. asking if his mom is in town ;-)  oldest cheesy joke in the book, but maybe every new wife goes through it!)

Our wedding was beautiful - even without power at the reception, we had dinner by candle light, did our first dance outdoors under the stars while our friends and family stood around us with sparklers and a smile on every face!  Our friends and family our truly amazing, and they made our wedding day just FANTASTIC!  I think each and every one of them every day since then for being so awesome and supportive that night!

from my future front yard

Mr. and Mrs. Weston

We had a blast on our honeymoon as well!  a 2 week trip to Ft. Myers Beach, Key West and Disney was just what the 2 of us needed!  Not only had we taken no time off from work since Christmas 2010, but it was the first time in 7 years that we got 2 week vacation.  And the first time where we spent the full 2 weeks just us!  I loved every minute of it - I never get tired of spending my days with my best friend <3

Now that we're back in MD, and I'm slowly digging myself back out in the office, I look forward to things getting back to normal again.  Our apartment looks like a war zone right now and I just don't have the energy yet to spend anytime cleaning after work.  Of course, traveling again this weekend just makes that harder because I'm spending these sleepy evenings on nail appointments, laundry and packing so I can make my flight on Thursday night.  Most definitely looking forward to pool time (aka nap time) on the 3 day weekend over Labor Day.

Once the pool closes and I'm able to get life in the apartment back in working order, I look forward to the time I'll have back to craft again.  I crave it frequently and I just can't always find the energy once home!  Even last night - I knew I wasn't going to clean when I got home from my nail appointment, and I spent 2 hours sitting there dreaming of coming home to crochet....well I got home and my awesome husband (!!) had dinner ready for me so I quickly changed into some comfy pants, ate and passed out on the couch!

I guess there's always tonight in between the loads of laundry for some "crafty fun!"


  1. You look gorgeous -- as does your yard! Can't wait to see what crafty goodness you can come up with - once you find the time! :)

  2. Welcome back! SO good to hear that you had such a lovely wedding and honeymoon! The housework can wait--enjoy your hubby as you get back to life together. How nice of him to make dinner! What a blessing. =)