Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP it Wednesday

"WIP it, WIP it good!"

Very good indeed, I'm  making some much needed progress on Christmas presents!

My first 2 pictures to share are not so much a "work in progress" as they are a "DONE DONE DONE" project!

What feels like 100 years later it's finally DONE!  This is a Christmas present for Grannie, it's a lapghan (haven't actually measured it other than laying it across my own lap and legs...) and it's all Vanna's Choice.  Sorry the 2nd picture is so blurry towards the top, early morning quick pictures were not my thing today.   I am very VERY HAPPY to have this baby done and ready to be wrapped up before this weekend!

The next 2 are WIPs:

I worked on this last night during Glee and it's coming along nicely.  Another icky picture, sorry my "skills" were a bit lack this morning!  I love Marie Anne's pattern for this, it's nice and thick for extra warmth (and basically if you're anywhere in North America this week you need as many warm layers as possible!).

Here is the hat I was talking about earlier this week.  Correction, this is my 2nd attempt at making a matching hat to the scarf.  On Monday night I ripped out all that I did on Sunday and started again with a hook one size smaller (from an L to a K) and switched from dc to hdc.  I worked on it Monday night late and then for about 5 min this morning after dealing with the ripple "ends" so I'm not all that far along yet, but it's going to be a VERY nice hat.  The next time I'm in Michael's I'm going to have to check out all the colors Loops & Threads Charisma comes in for additional hats (don't worry, this would be for hats to make in 2011)

Christmas, work, and wedding planning is all keeping me extremely busy and I'm starting to run myself a bit too thin.  I'm trying my best to take a step back, eat well and get myself to bed a bit earlier each night.  I have no sick days left for 2010 so I need to be able to keep myself in one piece for the next 10 1/2 business days (plus weekends, and my birthday) until we drive home on the 23rd (!!!)

Fingers crossed our reception contract should be signed by tomorrow and the Save the Date cards will be ordered tomorrow or Friday night.  I plan on addressing envelopes for these over Christmas so they probably won't be mailed out until after Jan. 1, but having a signed contract, hotel block for our out of town guests and Save the Date cards which have been delivered to my apt. would take a GINORMAOUS weight off my shoulders and put my stress level down to I don't know maybe 5 vs. the 15 I'm working at this week.

Just one more WIP to compete before next Wednesday!


  1. Love the lap blanket! That's what I need to be working on instead of small projects .. something to keep my own lap and legs warm while I'm crocheting, LOL.

    Glad you like that scarf pattern. It really is a simple, yet very versatile stitch. Are you trying to make a hat to match that one? Are you using my hat pattern or making your own?

  2. Marie Anne I have not tried your hat pattern yet (it's in my "to do" pile!)

    This is just a basic hat w/ hdc that I'll add the black fuzzy yarn to the brim of! I've made many hats w/ this basic patter but usually use worsted weight and don't do anything fancy other than a strip of a different color.