Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Wow, it's been forever. So much has been going on since the move: Thanksgiving, my Birthday, Christmas, New Years, etc. etc. etc. Of course there are also all the craft projects that I have worked on and completed in that time :-)
I'll start by saying how much we are loving our new apartment! We are getting really close to having everything situated, and this place really feels like a home vs. a rented space. The paint and curtins really make that happen I think. I hope that this spring I am able to push Jon towards painting the study and one wall of the dining room. I was actually unpacked and got the last cardboard box out of the apt. 1 1/2 months after the move, which I believe is record time for moving and unpacking! We of course, don't have a basement or closet space that's not already being utilized that I could just hide boxes in, so I had no choice but to just do it! Now as I spend time on the weekends out shopping for small details and working to get things better organized, I am very happy that I pushed myself this fall like I did. I have some new pictures that I need to upload in order to share on here of how things are coming together.
The holidays were crazy stressful this year and just FLEW by, but as always it was great to be home with the family. I as always was super busy making lots of Christmas cookies (15 different kinds in total), and working to finish up presents that I was making. Again lots of pictures of these to share, but I gotta get them uploaded :o) New Years Eve was very low key this year, we decided to stay in, make a nice dinner and enjoy getting rested up from traveling so it was very enjoyable. I look foward to what interesting things 2010 has in store for me.
I didn't really make a resolution this year - I feel like pin pointing something specific just sets me up to fail. Things that I know I want to accomoplish this year:
  1. start taking classes in the fall
  2. Find new ways to challenge myself at work
  3. finish my cookbook
  4. eat healthier/exercise more
  5. challenge myself w/ new craft projects vs. just going for what's "easy"
  6. blog more to keep track as I go forward w/ these "goals".
I guess starting to take classes is the more serious of these goals, but nothing is set in stone, they are just things that I want to be able to enjoy more in my life during 2010.
I will try to get pictures from the holidays posted soon and be better about sharing my craft journey for those who are interested in reading about the things I create.

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