Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well that didn't happen

No iPod playlist was created last night and no run was taken this morning. The lack of getting up early and running does not stem from laziness though, unfortunately I was up most of the night thanks to my ridiculous sinus pressure and was not only not in the mood to run after 4 hours of sleep, but I didn't think anyone should have to see me attempt running with a stuffy, sniffly nose and sneeze attacks......doesn't even seem that save really does it?
We did go to the grocery store though last night and stocked up on enough healthy food to get us through the next 5 days. I was quite impressed with myself for wanting to get stuff to make salads for dinner each night or Lean Cuisines. I was also happy to get lots of fruits and yogurt to have throughout my day at work vs. sneaking bags of potato chips from the secret stash hidden under my desk this week like I did yesterday. I also got stuff to make a pesto mayo to use on my turkey sandwiches this week which I am extra excited about trying today! It's going ok so far, I guess....I had my cereal at home this morning vs. going to Cosi for a bagel which was fine. Problem is I have already had my snack of blueberries and want to eat both FiberOne bars that I have with me like now and I still need to make it until 1 p.m. to have my lunch. sigh. This is also because I am slightly bored at work at the moment due to my lack of desire to actually do work because I'm exhausted, my sinuses are killing me and I'm extremely focused on all that I need to do before we leave on Sunday.
Speaking of, I spent many hours laying awake last night unable to fall back asleep and my mind was racing on all the things that I need to get done in the next 4 nights so that I'm not racing around all day on Saturday and miserable doing it. Quite honestly I just wanted to get out of bed and start doing things then, but I did not think that Jon would appreciate it, so I just kept laying there, getting more and more annoyed that I can't breathe through my nose. I have made a list of things I need to get at Target this week as well as a list by day of what things I want to do each day straight through Saturday morning (hoping to have the afternoon on Saturday to relax out by the pool, weather permitting, since I didn't get to last weekend). I just finished making this list and now I can't focus on the work I need to be doing at work because I would rather be home doing all the laundry that needs to be finished or trying on the clothes that I need to see if they still fit me and running the errands I need to fun in VA.
Hopefully now that I have written my thoughts here and I have my list sitting in front of me for any other things that I remember to avoid a last minute "damn it!" moment, I will be able to focus a little better. I'm also sure I'll be focusing a lot better around 12:50, and at 5:15 :-)

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