Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting through it all day to day

So here we are on another Tuesday. I just had this realization of how each morning when I am getting ready for work, I come up with all these "things" that I should do when I get home from work. Always around this time each day (after eating my lunch), I become ridiculously sleepy and find myself sitting here thinking that I can not wait for 5 or 5:30 so I can go home and relax on my couch! Of course this is amazing for a couple of hours, but the next thing I know, Jon is home, dinner has been made and consumed and around 11 p.m. each night I find myself pissed off that I have not done ANYTHING once more. Does anyone else ever feel like they need a week off from work to just stay home, rest up and get things done? Ever feel like there is so much that needs to get done at work, that you're exhausted without actually doing anything? I hope you all are better than I, and yet I hope that someone you understand where I am coming from and that I am not just a complete unmotivated jack ass wasting my life! *sigh* oh well, someday I will be back on track - hopefully it will be soon!
Can I just say how much I love the townhouse? Cause I do! We have lived at the Promenade for over 3 1/2 years now and I can't even remember what it was like living in 614 anymore (never mind that we were there for over 2 years), let alone 419! Scary, I saw some pictures I posted online of that move into 614 and when I saw the scary pictures of 419, I wanted to cry! How on earth did Jonathan and I live there as long as we did and not kill each other? How do you come out of something like that and still love the other person that you've been living on top of! This is why TH7 is so wonderful. Not only the new furniture and the set up or the beautiful granite counter tops in my kitchen, but to sit on my couch and look around and it feels like a home! It's fantastic! I feel relaxed in my own home, which I don't believe either of us had before. I find myself desperately wanting to do more around my home to make it even better - even little things like cooking/baking. Speaking of, good Lord did I bake a lot over the weekend! Friday night was Chili night for the debate (after getting some tips from Alton!). Saturday I made Zucchini Oat bread as a healthy snack alternative as well as breakfast for me at work during the week. I also made some jell-o with fruit and marshmallows cause I love it and finally had enough room in our tiny fridge to get a large bowl in there for a couple of hours. Sunday is definitely when things got crazy. Grocery shopping brought it all kinds of fun new foods and by Sunday evening we now had Lentil soup courtesy of Jonathan and I concocted garlic dip, homemade salsa, baked apples, Swedish almond cookies and fall spice cookies. I was verging on exhausted by 7 p.m. when Haley came over, but it was amazing to have all this wonderful food and leftovers in my kitchen and fridge! It's a good enough feeling to make you want the next weekend to be here to do it all again, but for now, I am satisfied with going home and night, having dinner with Jon and enjoying some sort of crafting experience. This would include the amazing new yarn that I started crocheting with last night that I sit here now and think about how badly I would like to be home finishing that scarf so I can go buy more of that yarn and soon!!
Well, I supposed my "lunch break" is technically over, and I definitely have plenty to do to keep myself busy for the next 4 hours............besides, how much more rambling of mine do you really want to read? No Jon, no yams for lunch :-)

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