Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A bit of housekeeping

No…not actual housework, don’t be silly ;-)  Just a little housekeeping in blogging/crafty land that I thought I’d share.

Mostly I wanted to make sure everyone knew I was still alive, well, crafting!  

My “real job” has been excessively busy, and when not in the office I have been pretty single-mindedly focused on 3 big baby gift projects that I needed to get done.   I know; I’ve known for how many months that these women were pregnant, and I waited until the last minute on all three gifts?  Of course!  There will a post soon about all the BABY LOVE I’ve been feeling these days J

On to the “housekeeping”:

Over the weekend I finally got around to publishing my Crafty Holly Louise Facebook page!  There’s not a whole lot to see just yet, but if you’re on FB, please follow the link above to LIKE my page.  I plan to post “in progress” photos there when I don’t have enough to say to warrant a blog post here.  There will also be big announcement, hopefully very soon, about my custom order offerings through FB as well.  Please, stay tuned!

My second announcement is really more beneficial to me, but for anyone who hasn’t tried out Bloglovin’ yet, [I think] I highly recommend it!  I had heard about Bloglovin’ in the past, and had checked it out, but saw no need for it at the time.  I have always been pretty happy with following up on new posts through my Blogger feed.  Then the past couple of weeks happened and I’m now sooooooooooo far behind on all my favorite blogs!  I was feeling a bit bummed about this, until I added said blogs to my Bloglovin’ account earlier today and the following happened:
1.       I realized how easy it was to use, and see what I’ve missed
2.       I haven’t missed nearly as much as I thought I had
3.       There’s an app for that!  I’m very happy to have a way to keep up when “on the road” that looks almost like I’m reading my Facebook feed – I am a creature of habit.
That’s all for now crafty friends – I don’t want to ruin the reveal for all that I’ve been working on lately (though if you LIKE Crafty Holly Louise on Facebook, you’ll get to see pictures there)

Like how I snuck that in one last time? J

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