Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY

They say that when you have to give bad news, you should give good news as well (a bit of a silver lining right?) – so that’s sort of what I’m doing today, but I’d rather start with the good news (so the I’m not cranky for the remainder of my post)!!!

My good news is that I got to leave work ON TIME yesterday, and while it took me longer than usual to get home (almost 1 hour total), I was able to devote the entire evening to crocheting!
 I even had an unintentional, little autumn theme last night!

Bad news -
Option 1:  Have you ever ran out of yarn before you completed a project? 
Option 2:  Ever been trying to use up yarn from your stash, and find yourself having to purchase more of the stash yarn color in order to complete the project? 
I’m 99.99% positive that any and all crafters reading this have had both of the above scenarios happen to them one time or another (or multiple times)…am I right?

So I ask, have you ever had this happen to you? 

The yarn came from my stash, and while it wasn’t a complete skein it definitely looked to be enough for an adult man’s hat.  The tail is all that’s “left”, and the pink line indicates how much of my last.row I have left….

Really?!?!  I mean REALLY?!?!? COME.ON!!  Okay, I’ll buy another skein and make something else with it once those last 2” are finished, but still…..FOR PETE’S SAKE!, right?

The “ugly” part of today’s post is less ugly than it was an hour ago (lucky you)
Today is DAY FOUR of me attempting to understand and properly set up my ETSY account to charge and pay sales taxes as legally pertinent.  While ETSY provides lots of links and information, 90% of it was either useless, repetitive, or claiming that they can’t “offer tax advice”.  Last night I spent a little bit more time on the Maryland Comptroller’s website, which ‘thanks’ to a very limited amount of information provided upfront, I found the state of Maryland about as helpful as ETSY.  At Jonathan’s suggestion, I emailed the appropriate email account for the license I believe I will need (email vs. a phone call 1. Because it was after hours and 2. It proves a paper trail).  The response time was great – they emailed me back around 9 a.m. this morning…..and did nothing more than direct me back to their website (via a broken link)… Seriously, it shouldn’t be this hard right? 
I finally bit the bullet, and called the 800 number that was provided to me in the email for “additional information” fully expecting to spend about an hour on hold with an automated system.  The “good” is back because an actual person picked up after the 2nd ring and they answered all of my questions for me within 10 minutes – it was a Tuesday miracle I tell you!  To keep this long story from getting any longer, I know what license and registration number I need to sign up for online tonight (no fees either, yea!!!), and then *fingers crossed* I may finally be able to post to my ETSY store - and feel good knowing that I’ve done everything right!
I know that I kind of, sort of now know what I need to do, but I had planned to ask for any advice and/or suggestions from my blog readers, so I’d still like to do that.  Anyone who’s reading who has an ETSY shop, and charges/pays state sales tax (esp. anyone in Maryland), I would LOVE any suggestions, tips, rules, requirements, etc., etc. that you could pass along!  I was very surprised to find out how difficult posting to my shop was going to be, but so many out there have successful shops, so I just know that some of you reading this have got to have some answers or suggestions for me…please???

I leave you today with wishing my beautiful Momma a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  She’s more than awesome, and I can’t wait to be home for Thanksgiving next week so I can see her :-D

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