Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sewing update

It seems as though it's been forever since I used my machine...then I realized last night that not until this coming Thursday will I have had it for a full month! I just haven't used for the past 2 weeks which seems to feel like it's been forever, apparently work has been more stressful that I realized...I haven't really done any crafts lately. I am starting to feel a bit sad that I haven't crocheted or anything in like the past month or so! Time to get back into the swing of things, and it's gonna start with sewing again and it's gonna start as soon as I get home tonight!
Over the weekend I decided that I wanted to sew a pouch for my new iPod...yes, I brought a clear case for it, but the case itself is getting scratched up in my purse and the wheel is not covered so constantly needs to be cleaned. The OCD side of me decided that sewing a soft little pouch to protect my case was the way to go! Sunday evening I got everything out I needed, designed my pattern, looked down and saw that I didn't own pink thread that matched the scraps of material from Mom that I wanted to use.....SERIOUSLY? There went my plans of sewing on Sunday. I sat on the couch, pouted until Jon asked me what was wrong and I responded by telling him that I'd be making a trip to JoAnns Monday after work.
That's exactly what I did yesterday. Of course, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to walk into JoAnns (or any other craft store for that matter) without spending more time than necessary looking at everything, buying things that I didn't go there for and spending much more money than I had anticipated spending! Oh well, I got some really gorgeous fabric not only for my pouch (flannel vs. the cotton scraps I planned to use) and some fun Halloween decorations (place mats and a table runner). I also picked up buttons and Velcro for the pouch. I then hit up Michaels and AC Moore in search of some different/fun beads to take with me on the 25th to see what the girls can create for me this year.
After getting gas, driving home, showing Jon my purchases and eating dinner...I found it impossible to pull myself off the couch and got sucked into a really horrible Shark Week show that I just couldn't pull myself away from. By 9:45 I was feeling a bit guilty but realized that that wasn't the best time to start a project (the I still needed to redesign the pattern for). I decided to hold off and start first thing when I get home tonight so that 1. I can actually work on the project start to finish in one night and 2. I'm not so overly tired that I make stupid mistakes and get really upset with myself.

Happy Shark Week from Silver Spring (Discovery Communications Headquarters)
That's the update on what I haven't done/plan to do! I do have 2 projects that I last made 2 weeks ago and never shared.

My 2nd pair of shorts completed - all shorts finally made it through the wash last week and came out in one piece - yeah!

First work skirt completed - brown with green and white polka dots (cotton). Not super duper happy with the pattern I bought, but I made it work by doing pieces of it my way :-) I have material for 3 more skirts that I look forward to making before it gets too chilly to wear anymore (HAHA like that'll be happening anytime soon1)

Hope to have a picture of the iPod case to share tomorrow!

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