Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No really.....

I’m here I’m here!!  I’ve also been crocheting like a mad woman as I prepare for my next crafty adventure (more on that coming soon…)

As you can see, my Monday nights haven’t changed.  I’m still addicted to watching Dancing with the Stars.  This picture was from 2 Mondays ago – Jonathan was out of town, so I was taking over the coffee table a bit while I had a few hours of “yarn-A.D.D.” (this, of course, would be when you keep starting new projects, say hats, just so you can see how the yarn is going to look J you know what I mean, right?)

We all know that last Friday was “I Love Yarn Day” – here was my set up on Friday evening

And, if anyone was wondering, 7 days + a full time “non-crafty” job = 8 adult hats!

In non-crocheting crafty news, here is a wind spinner that was made and gifted last week: 

I will have more news to share in the coming weeks (has it really been a MONTH since my last post??? oye), but until then I will continue to read about your crafty adventures, and will try to do more than post bi-monthly photos updates in order to convince you all that I’m still here and still crocheting!!